Riskwave was founded in 2017 by a small team of experts in digital banking, risk management, fintech, and advanced analytics solutions for financial services. For years we have been looking for a solution that suits our needs but didn’t find one, so we decided to build our own. We are building the future of Risk Management: open, collaborative, transparent, innovative and easy to use.

We believe that all businesses, regardless of their fields of operation, need to have full control of the risks they are taking to ensure long term survival. Our mission is to democratise and make available to business leaders the proper tools and expertise to be in control of the amount of risk their businesses are undertaking. Our approach is open and transparent. We believe in openness: open data / open risk / open model / open platform. We want everyone to explore, learn, design and plan a new future. We are building a new wave of advanced analytics specifically tailored for risk management   by   developing   innovative   software   solutions   for   Enterprise   Risk Management.

The design of highly specialized software solutions combines cutting-edge technologies and data science techniques with the knowledge of our subject matter experts. Development of quantitative models and advanced analytics. Tolls that are able to confirm the intuitions, quantify the size and explore the future. We have developed a modular, easy to scale platform where standalone risk management applications can be  assembled  to offers solutions for the company challenges. New technological developments, particularly from an architectural point of view, have created an opportunity for these techniques. Riskwave’s embedded analytical framework takes a developer-first approach of being built on  open-source, portable  to  cloud  providers  or on-premises, modular, scalable and highly customizable.

Complexity Made Simple!


We aim to provide an integrated ‘one-stop-shop’ for risk management tech buyers


Riskwave is passionately designing, building, and launching the next generation of risk management data products, to transform the risk management landscape of closed systems and prohibitive pricing.







Democratize risk management so that everyone could be aware and take actions.


Risk is the probability that a negative event occurs, opportunity requires that one takes actions 


Open, Transparent, Collaborative Innovative